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RTBox : The AllNew USB Transceiver

RTBox is a revolution, involving all our products.

Enclosed in a discrete and functional shell, all the power of Ristosystem products.
Basically, it is a transceiver unit that could be used standalone or integrated in the vast majority of commercial POS software.

RTBox can be connected to a PC via USB port and a basic function software is already included.

Beyond limits

But if you want more, Ristosystem made available for developers and programmer the RTBox communication protocol. This way, you could extract all the power and potential of this brand new product, achieving solutions and goals you could never imagine before. Imagination is the limit.

Some examples of use:

  • Call service employees easily from your monitor, by the POS location.
  • Graphically see all the calls performed by all the Transmitting Units and keep track of calls-informations and statistics.
  • Intercept the calls made from kitchen locations to the waiter using a receiving unit (Pager).

This and more, now is possible.

Few examples

It is possible to obtain and manage different systems, combining themselves together, by using a PC and a specific Software.

For example, RTBox could feature in systems composed by : Trasmitting Bases (Mps6/12/22) to perform waiters calls, by waiters equipped with Pager display and maybe by Callers on the tables. Replacing the calling base, managing everything from a PC and gathering statistics.
During the use, it would be possible to control all the calls and eventually operate to repeat them, or all the services required.

RTBox could be used as a Signal Amplifier (RPT).

RTBox could be used as a "Customer Call Service" system, replacing the Mps250e Transmitting Base, calling via software the Mpag Pagers taken before by customers waiting their turn.

To every Application and Service achievable using RTBox would it be possible to link some statistics previously developed, which shall allow a complete control of your services, verify effectiveness and optimize functionality.

Main Functions

  • Waiter Call : simulating a transmitting base Mps6/12/22/250, with all its functions Master, Client, 1 and 2.
  • Customer Call Service : to minipagers Mpag, simulating transmitting base Mps250e.
  • Simulating a Receiving Base (Cons3) : intercepting signals emitted by Callers.
  • Signals Amplifier (Rpt) : receives a radio signal from waiter calls or serice calls and resend it.
  • Statistic Backoffice : by receiving and transmitting coded radio signals, it is possible to develop a software that gather all informations and then obtain service statistics.

Pos Bar iPad

Use an iPad as a cash register and revolutionizes the way to take orders directly from the table. (Only in Switzerland)

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Pager with graphic display

New design, a flatter form to avoid accidental collisions when you put it on. Lithium battery with charge control and a high durability. Mini USB charging socket. Graphic display with multiple information: Logo, Battery Level, firmware version, alphanumeric messages. Multilanguage menĂ¹.

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Pager 2014

New design, a flatter form to avoid accidental collisions when you put it on . Lithium battery with charge control and a high durability. Mini USB charging socket. Red Led to indicate the battery charging, empty (slow blink), in charge (fast flashing), full charge (fixed).

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Signal repeater

New design, smaller and more discreet. Internal antenna and external power supply for an easier positioning. New firmware.

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New printed circuit with antenna, motor and receiver integrated. Red and green Led to indicate the battery charging situation: in charge (red led is flashing), full (green led is fixed). Lithium battery with charge control and a high durability.

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Change color bases Master and Client

From 2014 the colors of the Master bases and MPS6 MPS12 will be dark gray and the Client bases CLI6 and CLI12 will be light gray.

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